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Fact-Checking Day
April 2, 2017

Don't let yourself get fooled: Facts matter!

International Fact-Checking Day is promoted by the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter in partnership with fact-checking organizations around the world.

International Fact-Checking Day is not a single event but a rallying cry for more facts - and fact-checking - in politics, journalism, and everyday life.

Scroll down to find resources on fact-checking, including a lesson plan for teachers, a fake news trivia quiz, a “hoax-off” among top debunked claims and a map of activities being held around the world in occasion of the day. For more tips & news about fact-checking, sign up to the API/Poynter weekly newsletter.

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Lesson Plan

Introduce your class to the basics of fact-checking, and help them navigate through an ocean of information, rumors, hoaxes and lies with our lesson plan. T...


Fake News Trivia Quiz

How easily can you distinguish fake news from real news? Can you tell whether popular political claims are actually factual? Test yourself with this quiz. Designed fo...


Hoax-Off competition

Fact-checkers get to see all kinds of weird, ridiculous or outright dangerous falsehoods in their everyday work.

We collected 16 of the worst offenders from around the world.

You get to select the hoaxiest hoax of them all. Vote ...

Map of Activities

Find some of the activities that are being held to celebrate International Fact-Checking Day around the world.

If you want to register an activity, submit it  through this form.


Many organizations and individuals have helped make International Fact-Checking Day a reality.
We are particularly grateful to the following for the time or financial support they dedicated to the project: