2020 International Fact-Checking Day

The work of fact-checkers is more important than ever. With the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak, scammers and hoaxers are primed to exploit our fear and anxiety about the disease.

So for our 2020 International Fact-Checking Day we’re featuring content about how to protect yourself from harmful misinformation. Think of it as “hand-washing” for facts.

Ren LaForme offers tools to verify sources and root out misinformation.

Daniel Funke has tips and common pitfalls he’s seen covering coronavirus misinformation.

And IFCN Associate Director Cristina Tardáguila shows us how fact-checkers make health and science fact-checks easier reading to attract a wider audience.

We are learning more every day about COVID-19, and what we don’t know can seem scary. International Fact-Checking empowers you with the tools to diminish that fear, and make sense of this unprecedented time.