Fact-Check It! Learning by doing.


Fact-Check It! is a role-playing card game that stimulates critical thinking, fact-based dialogue and analytical skills among students.

It takes place in the fictional country of Agritania, where the debate over an upcoming referendum to ban GMOs has been consumed by fake news and dubious claims. Students will operate in the newsroom of the Agritania Today and have to verify 25 different news items in order to inform the editorials that will come out on the day of the vote.

At the end of the exercise, the students will upload the front page that is the result of their work on factcheckingday.com and compare their findings with those of other classrooms around the world.

Fact-Check It! is designed ideally for a class of 25 students, age 15 and up, divided into five work groups. The lesson plan's kit consists of 25 cards, a fact-checking tipsheet and a guide for teachers.

Fact Check It! was created by Gianluca Liva with Factcheckers.it for the International Fact Checking Network.

Download Fact-Check It!

Thanks for your interest in Fact-Check It! the International Fact-Checking Day 2020 role-playing card game lesson plan.

The lesson plan is currently available in English | Italian | Portuguese | Spanish

It's an updated version of a lesson plan we first developed in 2017. Students will learn how to discern credible sources of news. They will also be taught basic tools fact-checkers use to verify information.

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