Introduce your class to the basics of fact-checking, and help them navigate through an ocean of information, rumors, hoaxes and lies with our lesson plan. The lesson plan was designed by fact-checkers and endorsed by instructional designers. It is conceived for students aged 14-16 but can be used with students of other ages too.

Our lesson plan includes

A reading and annotation exercise intended to evaluate students' capacity to distinguish fact from opinion
An example of a fake news story that teachers can debunk with their students using a series of simple tips and tools helpful to fact-check all online content
Background reading for teachers to build on or adapt the lesson plan

Currently available in the following languages:
English | Filipino | French | Georgian |Greek | Italian | Korean | Latvian | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Ukrainian
If your language is missing, keep checking as several more will be added in the coming days. Email if you'd like to translate it in a language not currently offered.

Download the Fact-Checking Day Lesson Plan